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"To sell my home with your process is effortless" Houston, check our fast process below !

Step#1  Book House Visit
Set a date that works for you to show us your house this process is Free, no obligation consultation.
Step#2  Receive Cash Offer
You sell your house directly to us, with Motion, there will be NO expensive Real Estate commissions.
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Once our offer is accepted, we can close as fast or slow as you need. We will work with you every step of the way.
How IT Works

Will Motion buy our house & for how much ?

Let's cut down to the chase right ? If everything is in order, meaning the property is clear of any legal complications, such as liens, we can confidently tell you that we can buy your house the same day you called us, if the property has active legal issues we are still interested in working on a solution with you. We buy houses with cash, once we have both agreed on a deal you can rest assure our team will take care of everything for you, just sit back and relax. We can buy and close on your house within a few days, however, every once in a blue moon we do get bumps on the road; certain situations call for a little more time to prepare, nothing our team can't handle in a timely manner. Truth is that, even if unwanted complications show up during this process, you will still be able to sell your house faster and in your own terms than if you were selling using the traditional method.
Every case is unique and different, we assess every house individually using an on case by case criteria; We'll base our purchase offer on several factors, these change from one property to the next, the house condition, legal status, and comparables are our most important offer components. We know this is the most important question you have as a homeowner, please know that we will always provide you with a fair & fast cash offer.
We could go on and on about ourselves, after all this is our website right ? BUT....THAT wouldn't be fair to you!, so here goes a little bit about ourselves just to help breaking the ice. The Motion Group is a real estate investing company that helps people when looking to sell their house, we provide tailored solutions that helps homeowners transition smoothly and effectively. We encourage you to find us on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram prior to meeting with us so that you can see exactly who you will be doing business with, we look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for stopping by, and remember, whatever your situation looks like we are here to help.

Selling my house fast with The Motion Group Houston Today Tomorrow & Always

If you have ever said to yourself, I want to sell my house fast Houston and without the extra hassle of banks, low offers, inspections, property appraisals, fees, commissions, repairs, and anything else that comes with a traditional home listing, then you’re in the right place. We will make you a cash offer to purchase your Houston home quickly. There's little to no wait time with our process, with Motion you will be able to sell your house in a matter of days, regardless of the condition of the property or your current financial situation. Simply fill out our form and or call our office in Houston to schedule a viewing, we’ll then give you a no-obligation cash offer that same day. Our team will take care of all the boring paperwork ,the title policy, and every other detail needed to close on the date you have requested. You will then receive your full cash offer, less any property taxes or liens you may owe.
Our extensive knowledge in real estate investing and our large network of fellow real estate investors nationwide, allows us to offer more buying choices and a wide variety of selling options for all types of home buyers and sellers, including financially distressed homeowners. Our mission is to work closely with you and all parties to handle your situation with the utmost professionalism and care. Motion understands first hand the challenges and difficulties that come, when selling a distressed property, or when your financial situation is not at its best, our family has been there. Give us a call today, let's start working towards a successful resolution.
We know you have questions, and we do have answers, please click the learn more button to read our FAQ.
Please call us at 713-929-3556 if you have additional questions, our team is on stand by ready to assist you with anything you need, submitting a quick form here in our website is the best way to speed up this process, it is FREE, highly secure, and honestly a ton of help for us to get started.
Back in August 2017, our family was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and it has been the most difficult moment in our lives, we know what is like to be against the wall carefully planning your the next move, don't get us wrong selling your house should always be the last resort to your problems, but if you have made a decision and want to sell we are here to help. Our process is not only faster, selling your house is a breeze with Motion.
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Selling Circumstances Motion Can Help With
I'm Facing Foreclosure
Can you help me stop it ?

The foreclosure process in TX can move fast & take you by surprise, but you don't have to give up your property to the bank.

See, the bank will bring your house to the courthouse & they will auction it for a rock bottom price. The Houston courthouse does not care if the bids are not fair offers, as long as the city of Houston (example location) receives an offer that matches what they are owed, they will proceed to sell your house, leaving you with little or no extra cash.

You can instead sell your house fast before it get's auctioned, and you will get to keep the extra cash. Call us today for a FREE & FAIR CASH OFFER (713) 929-3556

Divorce, need this to be over!
Can we resolve this quik ?

Dealing with divorce, has to be, one of the toughest life experiences a person could ever go through, and it gets even more difficult when you have to sell the family home fast. We understand that.

At Motion we can work with you, we can move as fast or slow as you need. We will provide you with a FAIR free-No obligation cash offer so you can get on with your lives.

Call us today for a FREE & FAIR CASH OFFER In Houston & surrounding areas. (713) 929-3556

Can't sell because of repairs
Will you buy AS-IS ?

The short answer is YES!, but let's get a little creative here. Let's say, your house caught on fire, a pipe burst, perhaps it flooded and it won't be covered by your insurance. What would you do now ?

Truth is that rehabbing numbers are always subject to change, unexpected surprises do show up, cost can escalate rapidly to make your house livable again.

At Motion we are use to this type of scenarios, we do it all the time!, we have seen just about everything while rehabbing a house in Houston. Give us a call today if you are considering selling, we will provide you with a FAIR & FREE cash offer for your house. (713)-929-3556

Tax, Liens, & Debt
Will you pay my debt ?

We understand life gets on the way, and while you may have reasons for falling behind on taxes, the harsh reality is that the government will always get what's owed, even if that means taking your house.

Don't gift your house away, just because you can't afford to pay the liens. Remember that they are not looking for top dollar, they are only looking to cover the cost of the lien.

Taking your chances at the auction block is a BIG MISTAKE !

We can pay you a better price for your house before it gets to the auction block, the city will get paid and you walk with cash in your pocket. 713-929-3556

Commitment to Excellence
Our mission is to provide an easy, smooth and satisfactory experience. We will always provide you with a fair and honest offer, with no obligation and no pressure.
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